Remote Lectures Programming and Audience Notification System using Internet of Things Technology

Lukman A. Ajao, Emmanuel O.Ahman, Salihu Aliyu, Ameen O. Ahmed, Falilat J. Ajao, Mutiu A. Adegboye


In recent years, resourceful technology and innovation advancement has occurred in the area of web applications development, especially with advance integration of smart embedded systems (SES) which has contributed immensely to the collaborations between web applications and embedded system developers. Several challenges have been experienced in adopting computerized system for activities such as scheduling of work, time-tabling, lecture notes preparation and distribution, power point slide, results preparations and notifications of events in most institutions of higher learning, colleges, industries, banks and others. In this paper, the authors developed a remote lectures programming and audience notification system using internet of things technology (IoT) based on 6LowPAN platform. The proposed system herewith consists of an embeddedATmega328 microcontroller for the information processing, SIM900 GSM/GPRS module for SMS notification through the android web application. The web application was developed using MySQL database with Code-Igniter PHP Framework in conformation with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) as concept of software engineering, which all support application layer protocol using RESTful HTTPREQUEST and HTTPGET commands. Thus, the conceptual design of the computerized notification system is well-defined to provide regular notification of lecture periods, available course materials among others,with a regular information dissemination and time-delay management.

Keywords: ATmega328, Computerize system, embedded system, MySQL, Software engineering, Web application developer.

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